“Three years ago my youngest daughter walked into the kitchen and told me that she thought she was having an appendicitis attack.

I immediately took her to our family Doctor who sent us for an ultrasound test.

The results showed what they initially believed to be a small, three centimeter protein mass in one of her kidneys. We were sent home with a clean bill of health. The next morning our world changed when the Doctor called back to tell us that the radiologist wanted to look at the mass more closely. After more thorough testing the tumor was believed to be a very rare form of kidney cancer seldom experienced by young people.

We took her to specialists at Vanderbilt University Hospital where further tests confirmed that the tumor was indeed malignant. Like many thousands of loved ones who experience the cancer journey our world stopped.

Thanks to the world class doctors and cutting edge technology at Vanderbilt University Hospital the tumor was removed and she has been cancer free for three years.

A portion of all proceeds generated from The Lensmen Project will go towards The American Cancer Society." -Ronnie Dunn